Featuring The Dunstane Houses 


Edinburgh: the must-see destination of choice for anyone visiting Scotland. From the Georgian New Town to the medieval streets of the Old Town, this city is steeped in history and culture and a chauffeur-driven tour is the ultimate way to experience the very best of Scotland's capital. For the duration of this effortlessly chic experience, you will stay in the stunning surroundings of

the Dunstane Houses and experience the unique history, architecture, culture, and retail therapy that Edinburgh has to offer. You will also enjoy some culinary delights, including a cheese and whisky tasting at your hotel and a tour of the Holyrood Distillery where you can sample new generation single malts and gins.

"Our whole trip was beyond proper description, but our chauffeur Adrian set the tone when we first saw him at Edinburgh Airport holding the sign with our name on it, with a welcoming smile and a warm personality. He has greatly added to my memories… and my goal to 'live a great story'."


Day 1

Upon arrival at Edinburgh Airport or Edinburgh Waverley, you will be met by your own private chauffeur guide and escorted to your pristinely presented chauffeur driven hybrid saloon. After a brief orientation tour of the city of Edinburghyour chauffeur will escort you to The Dunstane Houses, a luxuriously appointed Victorian property, where you can relax in the tranquillity of the garden conservatory before your personal whisky and cheese tasting experience in the care of their Whisky Connoisseurs.

Day 2

After a relaxing breakfast, your chauffeur will return to your hotel and begin your day of sightseeing across the city of Edinburgh and its environs. The grandeur of Edinburgh Castle and the Palace of Holyrood House are not to be missed along with hidden gems dotted across the contrasting Old and New Towns which give Edinburgh its architectural character.  The new Holyrood Distillery is one of the latest examples of the regeneration of Old Town buildings with tours to showcase a new generation of single malts and gins. After a suitably relaxing lunch, a visit to The Royal Yacht Britannia is a must. Once the floating palace for the Royal Family, it is now one of the city’s top attractions with tours providing an insight into the working life of this former icon of Great Britain.

Day 3

After taking full advantage of your check out time, once again your chauffeur driven car could return to allow you to do some last-minute sightseeing and shopping across the city, or alternatively you could spend some time on foot exploring the nooks and crannies of the Old Port of Leith or other parts of Edinburgh with your luggage left securely at your hotel. Your chauffeur can then transport you back to Edinburgh Airport or the station for your late afternoon flight or train home. 


What better way to tour Scotland than with your own private chauffeur guide at the wheel of a luxury car? From the moment you arrive at the airport or train station, you will be cosseted in the kid-gloved hands of your very own touring chauffeur. Your bags will be loaded and unloaded at each hotel and personal introductions will help ease you into each property when you first arrive.  Your safety is of utmost importance to us and you can rest assured that your car will be prepared each day, just as your hotel room will be cleaned and

refreshed, ensuring that your Luxury Scotland experience is exactly what you, the discerning traveller, expects. As you pass through the glorious countryside visiting castles and historical landmarks, the country will open up in front of you in a way that can only happen when someone else is doing the driving. What's more, you can relax each time you visit a distillery in the full knowledge that driving is not something you will need to worry about on the other side!


What are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

A non-fungible token refers to a token that is unique and different, even from tokens of the same collection. In our case, no two Fat Cat NFTs have the same characteristics, hence they are non-fungible. An NFT is valuable because its ownership is secured through a distributed blockchain.

What is a Gacha Cat token? How do I get one?

A Gacha Cat token is an NFT that is only available during our pre-sale period. A maximum of only 500 Gacha Cat Tokens will be released / airdropped. By being a trailblazer of our project, each token holder will be guaranteed a limited edition Fat Cat NFT which will be Airdropped to existing Gacha Cat token holders at the end of the Presale period. These limited edition Fat Cat NFTs will have characteristics exclusive to the first 500 Fat Cat NFTs. They are priced at 150 MATIC per token and can be minted through our website when pre-sale begins.

What is a Fat Cat NFT? How do I get one?

The Fat Cats NFT is a collection of 9,999 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon network. Each NFT is algorithmically generated from a random combination of 100+ traits with varying rarities. Owning a Fat Cat NFT grants you exclusive access to our Colony rewards including airdrops and profit sharing when we launch on The Sandbox. They are priced at 150 MATIC per token and can be minted through our website when launched.

What is the future of The Fat Cats?

Era 1 of The Fat Cats culminates in the development of MomoWorld, a multiplayer-RPG on The Sandbox. It will be a play-to-earn and create-to-earn game where players not only get rewarded for their skill and time spent, creators are also rewarded by contributing to game development. This however is just the birth of The Fat Cats Colony. With the infinite Metaverse to explore and conquer, the future is in your hands.

How do I set-up Metamask and start buying NFTs on Polygon?

Step 1: Obtain MATIC tokens through exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, etc. Step 2: Download Metamask wallet, available as a browser extension. Step 3: Connect to the Polygon Network. Step 4: Transfer MATIC tokens from your exchange to your Metamask wallet. Step 5: Bridge your MATIC tokens from the Ethereum mainnet (ERC-20) to Polygon network if required. Now you are ready! Make sure you are connected to the Polygon network when buying NFTs.

What is the Polygon Network?

The Polygon Network is one of the world’s leading Ethereum Layer 2 solution that provides faster, eco-friendly and gas-less transactions with the security and safety of the blockchain. This substantially improves the user experience and sets up the potential for micro-transactions for the future of The Fat Cats Colony in MomoWorld.

Learn more about blockchains ...

Watch - Introduction to the Exponential Age.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a first of its kind virtual world (metaverse) where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain (in the process of migrating to the layer 2 solution Polygon). It has secured over 50 partnerships like Atari, CryptoKitties, Shaun the Sheep and more...

What is VoxEdit?

VoxEdit is a leading software that allows you to create, rig, and animate your own voxel-based NFTs. From beginners to experts, anyone can make amazing creations thanks to its robust set of tools and user-friendly interface. It is integrated with The Sandbox's marketplace, allowing you to sell your creations. Join our VoxEdit contest now and stand a chance to win amazing rewards!